Probably one of the coolest things you can do on an Android device is to give it the capability to boot into different operating systems at your bidding. As most of you will know, this is not a standard feature that goes into the list of things manufacturers allow for, given the business implications. Still it was great that XDA developer “Tassadar” developed MultiROM to give people who want this feature a shot.

Enabling the multiboot feature through MultiROM is no small undertaking, and really not for the weak in spirit. Just recently, we wrote about MultiROM being unofficially ported to the Moto G and the Moto E. Now, we can add two more devices to the multiboot list, albeit unofficially, but let us welcome them just the same – the Xperia Z and the OnePlus One.


MultiROM was ported to the Xperia Z by XDA contributor “Olivier”, who says that this port is still in “beta” – that means there will be some flaws and bugs. The version for the OnePlus One is described as stable, and so this port – made by XDA developer “KINGbabasula” – should be good to try. Start by checking out the official threads at XDA – for the Xperia Z MultiROM here, and the OnePlus One MultiROM here.


Remember, this is quite an undertaking – so if you are not familiar or comfortable with majorly tweaking your phone’s firmware and the risks that come with it, walk away now. If you are willing to try this, just make sure you have a stable backup that you can recover your phone with, just in case you mess it up and damn your device to smartphone hell.