It looks like Samsung is going to launch another update for the Galaxy S III sometime during December. Only recently, Samsung rolled out version 4.1.1 for the device, and they are already prepping version 4.1.2, according to SamMobile. This new version will add a feature that’s already included on the Galaxy Note II called multi-view.

Multi-view allows users to have multiple applications running at the same time. So a user could read the latest tweets and watch Facebook at the exact same time. This feature brings true multitasking to the Galaxy S III, and that’s awesome.

In addition to multi-view, this update for the Galaxy S III will also add some more stability to the device. SamMobile did not cite any specific bugs that the update will address, but making the device run smoother is always a good thing. We shall see exactly when is fixed when the update is closer.

SamMobile usually has a good track record when it comes to predicting stuff like this from Samsung, so we’re pretty confident that this update is coming. As it gets closer, we will let you know exactly how multi-view works at the Galaxy S III and what other changes this update brings to the device.

[via SamMobile]