Adapting to the growing number of mobile devices that have different charging techniques, Mugen Power Batteries announced a new portable battery that tries to cater to all of them. The new Mugenizer N11 has support not only for the normal USB charging but also for the Qi Wireless charging standard.

Wireless charging is becoming quite the fad these days, with device manufacturers building the feature right into the device, such as the Nokia Lumia 920, the Google Nexus 4, and the Samsung Galaxy S4, or indirectly with back covers like some variants of the LG G2. The wireless charging scene is still a bit crazy with competing wireless charging standards, although we might hopefully see some improvements in that regard, with Qualcomm joining the Wireless Power Consortium, the body behind the Qi Wireless Charging standard.

Aside from this dual charging method support, the Mugenizer N11 packs the usual stuff you’d expect from a portable battery pack. It’s battery has a capacity of 4800 mAh and can delivery the voltage wireless from a range of 4 to 7 mm, not that you’d be placing your device that far from the power bank anyway. It only weighs 230 grams and is only 75 mm x 137 mm x 14 mm in size, so it shouldn’t introduce too much bulk or weight into your bag, or pocket if necessary. It accepts 100 to 250 volts of input for charging the battery itself.

The Mugenizer N11 comes in a white color option and includes its own USB cable and wall charger. The portable power bank can be ordered directly from Mugen’s online store for a price of $69.95.

SOURCE: Mugen Power Batteries



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