If own a Galaxy Note II, you probably wish the battery could last a little longer. The giant screen and overall power of the device certainly make it a battery sucker. Well Mugen has announced a new high-capacity battery specifically made for the Galaxy Note II. In fact, the new battery offers double the power capacity of that of the standard battery.

The battery is available to purchase right now and uses lithium-ion technology. Mugen promises that the 6400 mAh battery offers 2.06 times the battery life than the standard 3100 mAh battery that comes stock on the phone. There is definitely nothing wrong with doubling your battery life.

The battery pack works with any of the Galaxy Note II models across various carriers. It comes in two different color choices. Whether your phone is gray or white, the battery will match perfectly.

The battery sells for $98.95 and is available to order now. Mugen estimates that the batteries will ship on December 21. Obviously, the drawback of these batteries is that they add bulk to the phone, but you can’t have it all. If you’re a heavy user, it’s better to have a bulkier phone that still works instead of a thinner phone that is dead.

[via SlashGear]