MMORPG fans rejoice, here is a for real, tried and tested MMORPG – and a big one, at that – released to all Android users today. This is MU Origin, an MMORPG that was very popular on the PC platform released around 2003, and now making its way to Android. So get ready to clear your calendars and schedules because this game will most likely eat up a lot of your time.


MU Origin was actually released in Korea and China in 2015, and has been on the top of Android app listings in those countries for a while now. MU Origin is a true blue MMORPG, none of those collectible RPG stuff that you get in Android today. The aim is pretty simple – gear up and level up so you can destroy all the enemies the game gives you.

The real-time MMORPG allows players to strengthen their characters through many ways, such as Equipment refinement, Constellation Upgrades and Wing Enhancements. MU Origin also boasts of a real-time Auction House and an in-game equipment trading system where players can buy and sell weapons, armor and various other items.


Are you ready to sink your teeth into this one? Check out the download link below and start playing. Let us know if you find this game fun.

DOWNLOAD: Google Play Store