Mozilla’s mobile browser, Fennec, is currently in the alpha testing stages. This Browser will no doubt be one of the leading mobile browsers out there. One question that has been running through everyone’s mind is, will it eventually come to Android?

Fennec is said to be showing competitive JavaScript performance with Android and mobile Safari JavaScript, which also means in speed. There are also rumors that Fennec will eventually have voice control.  Finally the question we have all been asking for a while now, will Fennec ever be on the Android platform?

Mozilla’s Jay Sullivan said it will not be on Android, at least not until Google accepts programs that are not written in Java for Android. Android does not support applications that run directly on the operating system itself without the need to be written in Java.  Sullivan says that Android is “interesting for us. We’ll have to see which direction Google goes with that.” We are a bit upset that there will be no Mobile version of Firefox on Android, at least in the foreseeable future. We want to know how you guys feel about it. Is Fennec that important to you?

[Via ABCNews]


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