Mozilla has been working hard to improved the Firefox browser for the nth time. The company just introduced  ‘Tracking Protection’, a special Firefox Private Browsing feature that is expected to provide a more private browsing experience. The main goal of Mozilla for the latest version is simply not speed but increased security and privacy. In Private Browsing mode, cookies, searches, temporary files, and history are now saved–for real.

Tracking Protection on Firefox delivers more security and control to the user over data that he sends to third parties. Sending out data is limited on Firefox for Android now and cookies and browsing history are no longer saved especially after you close a window. Your data are not saved to ensure a more private browsing all the time.

This update is available not only for Android but also for Linux, Mac, and Windows. Your activities that may give analytics trackers, ands, and social share buttons are blocked. These are the things that usually record your activities and behaviors that can be stored, shared, and accessed by anyone.

Aside from the private browsing enhancement on Firefox for Android, Mozilla also introduced a new Control Center. It is where you can turn off turn off Tracking Protection in Private Browsing and see your privacy and security controls. For the developers, Mozilla launched the new Firefox Developer Edition with Animation tools, making it easier for any dev to create animation. Meanwhile, the DevTools Challenger provides more relevant information and a hands-on experience for the developers and coders.

Firefox Private Browsing Experience 2

SOURCE: The Mozilla Blog

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