Anyone who has ever browsed a website has experienced being followed around by what they read and browsed on other websites and on social media. For those who are concerned about their privacy and security, blocking these cookies are essential. Mozilla introduced one of their strongest tools last year called Total Cookie Protection and they’re now bringing it to the Firefox Focus app for Android devices to help users fight cross-site tracking. They’ve also added SmartBlock to fix website issues that may come up because of the cookie blocking.

Total Cookie Protection is part of Mozilla’s suite of privacy protections called Enhanced Tracking Protection. How it works is that it has a separate “cookie jar” for each of the websites you visit so that the cookies embedded there are confined to the jar for that website only. This means that other websites can’t access those cookies in the different jars and they won’t see your website activities and behaviors and use it to push ads that follow you around.

This was previously available on the Firefox desktop browser but now they’re making it available on the Firefox Focus app for Android devices. It’s the first Firefox mobile browser to get Total Cookie Protection. Together with the other supercookie protections that work with the browser, this should put users’ minds at ease that the ads will not be following them around and that the information cannot be used for other purposes.

Mozilla is also adding SmartBlock to make sure that websites will still run smoothly despite the cookie protection. It fixes issues that may arise from their tools like Total Cookie Protection and their other pro-privacy measures. SmartBlock can also provide replacements for commonly-blocked trackers so the websites will still work properly. The replacements are bundled with Firefox so no tracking should happen or at least minimal risk.

If you haven’t tried our Firefox Focus on your mobile device, it’s a good browser to use if you’re concerned about privacy. The privacy safeguards are enabled by default in this browser so you know your activity is always protected.


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