If privacy is an important aspect of your online experience, you will want to use a browser that makes protecting your data a priority. Mozilla’s Firefox Focus is one such browser that has privacy as its core feature. The latest update brings a redesigned look for the mobile browser, improving some things while keeping the ones that work and are useful to its users. The changes include the addition of shortcuts and the option to go dark, both things that are important for those who browse a lot on their mobile device.

If it’s the first time you’re encountering Firefox Focus, it’s a version of the Firefox browser that offers privacy features. It has things like automatic ad blocking and protecting users from tracking while they’re browsing any site. There’s also a quick erase button to instantly delete your cookies, browsing history, and passwords. It’s one of the more popular privacy-focused browsers for those that do not want their internet history following them around.

Mozilla has announced the redesign of Firefox Focus which includes not just a tweak with the design but also some new features. First off, the browser has a new logo and new colors to boot. You now get different shades of purple and still a bit of orange and pink hues. Users can also now enable dark mode for those who prefer less white on their mobile devices especially when browsing late at night as it should be easier on the eyes.

Firefox Focus now has shortcuts for websites that they regularly visit so you don’t have to always type the URL on the browser. There is now also a new Tracking Protection Shield icon on the search bar. This way you can easily turn the tracker on or off by tapping on the icon that should open the shield itself. The browser also now has a global counter that will show you how many trackers it has already blocked for you.

We also previously told you about the new password and autofill features that will come to Android devices soon. You’ll be able to save credentials and passwords and log on to your accounts without having to open a web page. They also announced that Firefox will be available in the Windows store later this year since Microsoft has loosened restrictions on third-party browsers.


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