MoviePass has officially launched an app for Android. Though, while the release of the app is certainly good news for movie fans, there is a catch that you will want to be aware of — MoviePass is still only available for those who have received an invitation. Those with knowledge of the service looking to get started can request an invitation directly from the MoviePass website.

For those not as familiar with the MoviePass name, this is a subscription service that will offer unlimited theater movies as well as some other perks. The service will set you back $30 per month (if you make a year-long commitment) and in addition to being able to watch an unlimited amount of in-theater movies, you can also look forward to the potential of “advance screenings, special events and exclusive offers.”

MoviePass doesn’t go into all that much detail as to how readily available those extra perks will be, however even with the ability to watch an unlimited amount of movies for $30 — that sounds like a deal that could mean some savings for movie buffs. Getting back to the app though, the app is currently sitting at version 1.0 and will run on devices with Android 2.2 or later.

Some of the features of the MoviePass app include being able to find theaters, get information on the movies, manager your perks and even connect with other MoviePass members. Bottom line here, those who find themselves at the movies on a regular basis may want to grab the app (Google Play link), or at the very least get the process started by requesting an invitation to the service itself.

[via Android Police]