That has been the struggle before – how to wear a smartwatch and not look like a jogger or a geek. Good thing that more and more manufacturers are now making smartwatches that actually look like watches, a trend that started with the Moto 360. Swiss watchmakers Movado are upping the ante on this, coming out with 2 beautiful collections of smart timepieces that you can actually wear with your casual or formal outfits.


The first collection is called the Movado Motion which they produced in collaboration Fullpower/MMT with. The collection is still divided into two groups – Bellini for the women and Museum Sport for the men. This collection gives you freedom to wear these smartwatches with your formal or office outfits, combining signature Swiss metalworking and craftsmanship with smart features like activity tracking, sleep monitoring, and even notification alerts. You’d never guess from looking at the classic designs that these were smartwatches.


The second collection is called the Movado BOLD Motion, created in collaboration with HP. With sleek lines, no numbers, and an all-black design, you can see this fitting in a spy movie’s bag of tricks. Still, Movado’s designs are sleeker and more fashion-centric than most out there. The Movado BOLD Motion watches will be easy on the eyes even in a gym or worn with your favorite casual shirt and jeans combo.

These watches are compatible with Android or iOS devices, and will make wearable technology actually look good. The Movado Motion collection is now available online starting at USD$995. The Movado BOLD Motion watches will be priced at USD$695, and should be available for purchase by the time the holidays roll in.

VIA: Elle