First off we heard a little rumor that Sprint was getting the Atrix and Xoom with Wimax, then we saw some pictures leak of the Motorola Xoom sporting a Sprint logo. Some people said it looked fake, or that it wasn’t real. Now it seems to have reappeared again with the same Sprint logo, as well as the same updated portfolio case.

We are glad to be seeing the Motorola Xoom coming to another carrier, as more options are always better. If it comes with Wimax that would make it even more special. I also couldn’t help but notice the portfolio case in the image looks very similar to the current one that shipped with the Verizon Xoom, but updated. I must say, that is a good thing because the original portfolio case was pretty terrible and the iPad2 smart cover made it look pathetic. It covered ports and was hard to type while standing at an angle. I’m sure we will be hearing more about this device in the coming weeks, so stay tuned!

[via Pocket Now]