If you are a fan of motorsports, more specifically a fan of F1 racing you will want to check out the game Motorsport Manager. The game puts you in control of a racing team driving cars that are something along the lines of F1 cars.

Players get to hire drivers, develop the car, and invest in technology. Players work with the drivers to achieve the best qualifying lap and formulate pit stop strategy to win races. Gamers can watch the race in real time or jump in the strategy screen and control the action directly.

The weather in the game changes, cars crash, and safety cars come out. Players can take their team to championships if they perform well. The latest update for the game adds a Young Drivers only challenge that lets you race young drivers from your development program.

A setup challenge is also available that gives no driver feedback on car setup and gives larger gaps in performance between settings. A back marker challenge halves price and sponsor money. An ultimate challenge setting makes all challenges active at once. Check out the video for more details on the game.

SOURCE: Google Play