The new wireless Tracks Air headset form Motorola and SOL Republic look the part, and have a very nifty trick up their sleeve. The newest headsets on offer from Motorola can pair to multiple devices at once. If you’ve ever encountered a problem with needing to hear multiple things at once, these are the headphones for you.

Aside from the interesting dual-device pairing, the headphones are pretty sharp, too. The headphones also come in a variety of colors — ice white, gunmetal, electro blue and vivid red — and the headbands can be switched out to suit your style. They’ll run you $200, which isn’t cheap, but they pack quite a punch.

With what SOL calls an A2 Sound Engine, they hint that the headphones sound as good as wired headphones, delivering “solid bass, clean mids and vocals, and extended highs. “ They also note that the improved audio engineering won’t affect battery life, leaving you with up to 15 hours of use between charges. If you run out of power, the standard SOL cables will do the trick.

If you prefer the wired approach, SOL notes that any Tracks wire will work, though you may not want to be tethered. SOL claims a range of 150ft, which is pretty standard for Bluetooth, but other headphones often have trouble reaching that distance. The headphones will be available in “early November”, and should be just about anywhere you look — Best Buy, Verizon, the SOL Republic website, The Motorola website, and even Radio shack.