As Motorola has released more devices, and let them loose around the world, they’ve had one site that owners could visit to check on the schedule for impending updates to their particular handset. Covering devices that have released in the Unites States, and all around the world, it’s a quick and easy way to see if your device is getting updated to the latest and greatest software version. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always have the best news. With their latest refresh of the site, Motorola hasn’t gone out of their way to make a lot of owners happy, and some devices look like they’re going to be eternally stuck at lesser versions of Android (at least, officially).

Perhaps not surprisingly, the StraightTalk Motorola CLIQ XT, which is sold at Wal-Mart, doesn’t look like it will be getting updated to anything beyond Android 1.5. At least, not any time soon. As for the CLIQ XT released for T-Mobile? That device’s update has been pushed back, and now owners will have to wait for Android 2.1 as Motorola puts the handset through additional testing.

As for the Droid X? No mention of Android 2.2 — Motorola is happy to show that the update to 2.2 is finished, and ready to go. The original Motorola Droid is also complete, as far as 2.2 goes. Motorola hasn’t added devices like the Droid Pro, Droid 2, or Droid 2 Global to the listing, which is pretty much the least promising thing we can think of.

[via Motorola Support Forum; thanks, Nick]