Now I know the first thing many of you might be thinking is why would we want this. Most people tend to steer away from Motorola‘s user interface changes previously known as BLUR. Well, with the latest Gingerbread builds on the DROID 4, and some of what we’ve seen from Moto’s 4.0 leaks has been promising and I’m sure some wouldn’t mind giving them a try on their own phone.

What we have here is the home launcher for Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich that Motorola will be using with their upcoming 4.0 ICS powered smartphones. It might not be in the final stages but it appears close and seems to work great. We saw a few builds leak last week and the Ice Cream Sandwich update for the DROID RAZR and MAXX could come as soon as this week according to recent rumors.

If you want to see what Motorola has done to change the look of Ice Cream Sandwich and if it’s worth upgrading to, or just wanna give a different look to your phone for a few days this would be a good start. It will only work with Android 4.0 devices, including those running custom ROM’s and you’ll need to be rooted as well.

The changes they’ve made over the stock version of Android include 3D transitions, app tray filters, some MOTOBLUR widgets for things like contacts, and a few other changes I’m sure we aren’t seeing. Motorola’s been trying to make their UI skin lightweight and fast, and it appears to be getting closer and closer with this latest version.

Use caution when changing something as major as the launcher, as you need it running to do most commands and operations on your phone. We’d highly recommend a Nandroid backup before proceeding. Hit this XDA thread for all the details, then let us know what you think once you try it out.

[via Droid-Life]