Lately we have seen a few devices that were headed to China and they weren’t what I’d call up to par in the specs department, but this looks to bring that to a new level. Folks in China should be ready to rejoice with this new phone from Motorola. It is strikingly similar to the Motorola Atrix in terms of design and a few specs but the real treat is that dual-sim and dual-mode under the hood.

This Android 2.3 sporting XT882 has the 1 Ghz dual-core Tegra 2 CPU we all love, as well as that 4″ qHD High-Res display like the Atrix, with 8GB internal storage and an 8 MP shooter on the rear and a front facing camera for all your video calling needs. This phone is a powerhouse regarding its hardware and same goes for its capabilities with being a world phone.

The real treat for those in China is this phone also features GSM/CDMA both as well as dual-sim slots under the battery cover so you can have one of each and be covered wherever you are headed. Those capabilities along with that dual-core, dual-camera and dual everything power you are surely covered for just about any situation. Sadly this is only in China but we have a feeling Motorola might have something in the works for other regions. For more pictures of the device click here.

[via Motorola]