Good news for those that still own the Motorola XOOM WiFi tablet. After hearing last week from Motorola that an update was on the way, then Google announcing Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich was being pushed to multiple devices, we can now report it is available for the XOOM and rolling out as we speak.

The update to 4.0.4 ICS was made available on Google’s servers for the Xoom, Nexus S, and Galaxy Nexus late last week and if you haven’t already manually updated, or flashed a custom ROM like Cyanogenmod 9 with 4.0.4 you should be getting the update starting this week as reported by Droid-Life. As a reminder this update is for the WiFi only model and currently not available for the Verizon 3G/4G LTE XOOM that is still stuck on Honeycomb.

Just like with handsets the XOOM’s update brings general feature improvements and stability to Ice Cream Sandwich. You’ll have faster screen rotation, better camera support and capabilities, MS Exchange improvements and general performance stability and increases. As usual you can wait for the update, or manually get it now by going to settings > about tablet > check for updates. Then you’ll be enjoying the latest tasty frozen treat from Google in a matter of minutes. Let us know how the update goes, and enjoy it.

Now when is the Verizon XOOM and XYBOARD tablets getting ICS?

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  1. The 4.0 restricts flash 11. from installing. What’s up with that. any fix ideas I already uninstalled java script

  2. Good news for those that still own the Motorola XOOM……..This story lead indicates that  many have gotten rid of the Xoom already.  What’s the scoop on this product?  I heard it was equal to the Apple product.  Has it turned out to be not-so-good?  I’m still shopping but have the proverbial ant’s eye view on which products are worthwhile buying.  Anybody have the straight scoop?

  3. Ever since I’ve ran the 4.0.4 update the Xoom has been extremely unstable! It CONSTANTLY drops and reconnects to my bluetooth headset and WI-FI connection, simultaneously.

  4. Should I update my Xoom to 4.0.4 ….. cause my Xoom is running great its rooted n ICS. don’t want to update n have problems.

  5. My little sister gave me her Xoom which was bought through Verizon by her company. The Verizon service has been deactivated my Google account is being used. 

    How will I get my Ice Cream Sandwich update?  

    An interesting story about the Xoom. 
    My little sister ditched her Xoom for an iPad due to frequent crashing by the Xoom. She gave it to me as a Christmas / Birthday Present for 2012 and 2013. I wanted to see if i can figure out why it would crash on the applications she used most. She was not happy when I found the answer.It seems that the Motorola Case did not hold the Xoom as tight as it should. It was really really easy to have the case press against the volume buttons. This caused the application that was being used to throw a taking too long to respond force close or wait message. This my sister took as crashing. Of course if you were not aware that the volume buttons were being pressed you did not know to look for it it would seem to be a flaw in the tablet itself. Knowing my sister and how she was using it helped a great deal too. I love this device.Since I corrected that one small design flaw (from the case mind you) the Xoom has been an awesome tool. 

  6. i bought the xoom wifi (as soon as it appair in argentina). and I want to know when the update will be delivered for this country :). Any one knows?

    • Flash the US ROM and make your XOOM a “Google Experience Device” as only the US version is. Once you switch you can recieve over the air updates directly from google and you won’t have to wait for Moto to eventually release the update to your region (Canada doesn’t have ICS yet either). There are lots of guides on how to flash ROMs I would recommend checking out the XDA Developers forums because even when ICS is released to other contries we’ll always be a few updates behind.

  7. I have a Wifi only Xoom running Android 3.2 but when I hit “System Updates” it tells me: Your device is up to date. No update is necessary at this time…….Can I expect this to change soon..??


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