It seems that Verizon may be stuck in the dark ages when it comes to new customers activating their Motorola Xoom tablets. CDSmith over at Reddit shares his frustration at buying a new Xoom tablet and when trying to activate a new Verizon account in order to make payments and manage their accounts. The issue lies with not being able to activate a user account since Verizon sends the activation password either by SMS text message to a phone on the same account, or via snail mail. Being that the Xoom doesn’t have a phone number, a user account can’t be activated directly. And if new users don’t have a Verizon phone on the same account, their only option is through snail mail, which is problematic since the temporary passwords are reportedly expiring before the users can receive the notification.

But here’s how CD Smith got around the issue. He returned the Xoom to the Verizon store and told them they could either activate the tablet or give him his money back. The employees had to actually ad a phone to his account temporarily (after much complaint that they couldn’t) so that he could receive the text message with the password. Then he was able to activate his account.

Seems like a clunky way to get an account working. But the Xoom isn’t the only one. The iPad is also problematic in that users have to connect the device to iTunes with a computer in order to activate a user account. If a user doesn’t have another computer, they’re forced to have the store activate it for them. There has to be a better way, but clearly, it appears that no one is interested in discovering it.

[via Reddit]