First of all, we must do the customary compliment on the username. There clearly isn’t much better an element than the Fred element. Then, let’s have at it- unlocking the Motorola XOOM like we said you could, truthfully quite the easy task. They didn’t make this machine to stop you from doing so, but doing so will VOID your warranty. Keep that in mind. Another good thing to keep in mind is that the following method will ERASE your tablet.

As you well know if you’re in to this sort of thing, this is the sort of process you’ll want to go through if you’d like to fast flash some software using a custom recovery or flash some root files or manipulate system files on whatever software installation you’ve got running. The following steps were originally written by thefredelement in [this xda thread] and you should definitely go back there if you’ve got any troubles:

1) Get the Motorola USB drivers MOTODEV > Documentation & Tools > USB Drivers (you need to sign up on their but maybe you can google this and find it as well)
2) Get the Android SDK Android SDK | Android Developers (you only really need the fastboot executable file for your host OS)
2.5) – I will soon put together a windows pack for usb drivers & fastboot so you don’t have to download all this stuff just to do one task.
3) Power off your Xoom
4) Press and hold the volume down button while pressing the power button. Even after the Xoom turns back on keep it pressed down and you’ll see some starting fastboot protocol text on the top left of the screen.
5) Open a command window in your sdktools folder (not platform tools and depending on when you get the SDK you may need to copy over some DLL files)
6) type: fastboot oem unlock
7) read the warning on your Xoom’s screen, hit volume up if you wish.

You’re now free to put whatever data you want on your tablet. Cheers.

Remember to use this information wisely, and above ALL else remember the words of the wise Uncle Ben: “With great power comes great responsibility.” Furthermore, remember to visit your local comic book store regularly!

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[via XDA Developers Forum]