Welcome to a review of one of the official holders of the newest addition to the Android universe, the Motorola XOOM tablet running Android 3.0 Honeycomb. This lovely tablet has been getting a lot of praise over these past few hours what with everyone under the sun getting themselves a review unit to peek at, but how about that speaker dock? Let’s have a look at what might be the bulkiest dock we’ve ever seen that also seems to be exactly the right size.

The Motorola XOOM tablet is not a light piece of machinery. It weighs more than a book the same size, and it’s not exactly going to be on your list of things you’re going to want to be dropping anytime soon. So you want something strong to be holding onto it. How about a dock? This is a tablet, and we as a social community haven’t really gotten the whole hang of how to use a tablet in general yet, thus having a place to plop it down and tap it is right in order with our evolution.

This dock is ginormous when you compare it to the rest of the dock world (iPad docks excluded,) but when you set the XOOM in its bosom, it appears to be a part of the greater system. Furthermore, alone it looks a bit odd, perhaps not the sort of thing you’ll want sitting out when guests come over, unless of course the tablet is sitting in it, in which case you’ll be considered the coolest.

Nearly the whole entirety of the outward facing sides of this device appear to be speaker. I say appear to be speaker because everyone knows that the grid is made to disperse and regulate the sound, while the actual speakers are behind it. On the back of the device you’ll see the power and HDMI out plugs, and in the cradle you’ll find all the plugs you’ll need to work with the tablet as well as hold it in place.

This is the one to get, ladies and gentlemen, if you’re looking to get an official dock right off the bat. The sound is fabulous, it looks simple and fashionable enough to be sitting around your house, and it fits perfectly with the device its meant to hold. How about that? Not much to consider. Well played, Motorola.

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  1. Did you actually have one? The connections don’t fit well and pacinf the Xoom in the dock is difficult at best and damaging to the tavlet at worst. junk.

  2. got one returning it, music sounds like crap, docking it is difficult at best. Disappointed in the overall sound quality of the speaker(s). The tablets internal speakers work better. Waiting for some third party company to develop something better.


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