Our pals over at TBreak have got their hands on a brand spanking new model of the Motorola XOOM, the tablet all Android superfans are flipping their lids over because it’s been made in close collaboration with Google’s Android team to optimize it as much as possible for the also brand new Android 3.0 Honeycomb mobile operating system. TBreak team member Abbas Jaffar Ali (the guy doing the video) also mentions that he asked one of the Motorola reps if they had a 7″ XOOM tablet in the works to which they replied “no comment.”

This model Ali speaks of works with both Wifi and GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) which of course is the standard there in Dubai. That and the fact that this version of the Motorola XOOM has a silver back are the big bits as the pads shown at both CES 2011 and at the Honeycomb event last week in California both only had the black backed version. You know good and well which one will be more coveted because of this situation — white!

Have a look at this wobbly yet very well narrated video and stay super pumped up as the story continues to unfold. Honeycomb! What other excellent fun adventures will you be involved in next!? I bet you’ll show up at Mobile World Congress next week — readers! if you’d like to find out everything Honeycomb will be into next week, follow along with us via the [MWC 2011] portal as we’ll be there in Barcelona THE WHOLE TIME!

[via TBreak]