It appears that Motorola now has at least 3 different hardware versions of its soon to be wildly popular Android 3.0 Honeycomb tablet, XOOM. The first version of course is the USA version which is all black, the second version is one we had our hands on in Barcelona, that being the Euro Silver metal version, now there’s this, what they’re calling their Limited Gold Edition. This edition has apparently been given away exclusively to “movie star nominees” – does this mean Banksy got one?

We’re going to go out on a limb here and say the movie stars Motorola is speaking about are Oscar nominees as that event is only 4 days away at this point. In addition to this, Motorola is giving away 2 “Limited Gold Edition Motorola XOOM tablets” each of them worth $799.99 each. No service plan will be included, says Motorola, and they do reserve the right to send you a substitute prize should they be unable to deliver the golden XOOMs. To enter that contest, head over to Motorola’s twitter page. To yell and scream about how you’d love to get your hands on one of those golden XOOM tablets, stay right here – and yell and scream! That’s what we’re doing. Silver and gold forever!

How does this gold edition differ from the rest? It’s just a little bit different color in the metal on the back, the Motorola M symbol is black instead of flat metal the same color as whatever the back is, and it comes with a lovely leather (or pleather, or perhaps some third material) carrier.

We would NOT mind having one if I do say so myself.



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