It is always painfully fun to watch these types of video clips. You know it is exciting, but deep down you wish they would just give you the toys instead. That is the the thought that always runs through my head. What we have here is a drop test of a few of our favorite tablet devices. That odd looking iDevice goes first, then the Galaxy Tab 7″, and last the heaviest of them all the Motorola Xoom.

Courtesy of ElectronicsBreak we have this fun little video to show just how bad things go when you drop something like an iPad or a Motorola Xoom just one time. You may get lucky the first time but for most of us it only takes one drop for things to go bad, especially the iPad 2 as it struggled.

Ready… 1, 2, 3, crash!

That is basically how this went for all three devices. It does look like the Galaxy Tab 7″ took the least amount of damage but still managed to break, the iPad 2 by far looked to suffer the most damage and the screen was probably completely unable to be viewed, last was the Motorola Xoom. It looked pretty close to the iPad as far as damage goes but it also is the heaviest of the bunch. I think its safe to say you should probably use a case, or be extremely careful with any tablet device, especially one that is 10″

[via YouTube] — Thanks Jermiah


  1. I will say the same thing here as I said at cultofmac. 

    I bet the Galaxytab10.1 would have survived better then the other 10.1 tablets. 

    People totally underestimate what those couple of mm’s flex plastic can give in an “Oh SHIT” situation. 

  2. idiots, one is heavier:motorola, then mid heavy:ipad, then light weight plastic:tab hence it didn’t get severely damaged

    • It’s not just weight, a smaller screen means it is stiffer and harder to break.
      And they mentioned the difference in weight, so I wouldn’t be calling them idiots.

  3. idiots, one is heavier:motorola, then mid heavy:ipad, then light weight plastic:tab hence it didn’t get severely damaged

    • According to Galaxy Tab and Xoom do use Gorilla Glass.

  4. apple products are well known to fall apart as it is made by young kids in china who sits on a little stool and work 12-14 hr days.

    • Most of these companies produce them in similar factories….Or am I missing the subtly and your saying kids make the kiddy products(ipad) and the other companies actually hire adults.. Nice one.

  5. we all have a good idea what happens when you drop a phone or tablet like this, – a more interesting test would be something more real life like a car door closing onto a tablet or, leave it on the roof of a car and drive away…….

  6. how often do you drop your phone/tablet directly onto its face??  Why no drop them on an edge as if it were to slip from your hands?

  7. My Asus Eee Transformer  accidentally  fell off a ordinary table to a tile floor…no damage! 
    Whew…..!!!!!!!! I guess that gorilla glass really works!


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