Oh my goodness you lovely giant pad, you Motorola XOOM, you’ve been voted the Best In Show at CES 2011 and we don’t anticipate you’ll be going away anytime soon. What a fair and lovely time you’re having. How’s the weather from the heaven of PR? Oh you’ve got a barometer built in, so you can tell us how nice it is? That sounds totally awesome!

Indeed the Motorola XOOM Android 3.0 Honeycomb tablet does appear to have a barometer built in, so says Motodev, the Motorola Developers site. You can find the rest of the specs there as well, but just think! A barometer! How joyous the day! Now we can tell the altitude we’re at, and more accurately tell the weather, right from the pad! Just what I’ve always wanted in life! Accurate country chit-chat.

[Via Motodev]



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