Well would you look at that. A Best Buy in Grand Rapids, Michigan seems to have revealed to the world the release dates of both the Motorola XOOM Android 3.0 Honeycomb tablet AND the HTC ThunderBolt. The XOOM will be released on February 24th, while the ThunderBolt will be out on the 14th of February. Sounds like we’ve got a full and joyous month ahead of us. Not that we wouldn’t have already had a full an joyous month what with Mobile World Congress on the horizon, but heck, here’s the juicy bits right back in the states!

The Best Buy location that’s made the mistake of outing these dates early is otherwise known as Grand Rapids South, a fine location for spending your Best Buy gift cards if you wish – you could also choose to grab a Verizon iPhone 4 here starting on the 10th or a Samsung Presto mobile hotspot starting on the 17th, but blah, those are secondary. You want the Honeycomb. You want the lightning crashing down from above. Hopefully these dates hold across America, we’d be glad to wait this long to get these two gems. — a shout out of thanks to our lady in the field Alex Styler for the tip!

But wait! We won’t even be in the USA! Valentine’s Day falls on the same week we’ll be out to Barcelona! Follow along with us on our magical journey via the tag MWC 2011



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