Lately we have heard a few of those “analysts” mentioning that the Mororola Xoom, and the Atrix were not selling well, they even called them “sales failures”. That is a pretty big way to put it. If you would love more details regarding that story you can follow to SlahGear reports on Atrix and Xoom sales. They go over the analysts story very well.

According to a statement to Computerworld made by both Verizon, and AT&T things are going good. Verizon said, “We are pleased with customer response to the Xoom.” AT&T also had similar remarks mentioning “Our customers are very satisfied with the Atrix, and we are equally as pleased with the results to date.” When they say to date I’m assuming that is because the device was just recently launched and needs time to get a little steam.

Obviously comparing the single Motorola Xoom, that for the first month was only selling the top tier model, the Verizon 3G version with 32GB of Storage. That is equal to the most expensive iPad, and i bet that particular iPad didn’t sell nearly as well as others. Now with the release of the Xoom Wifi only at a much lower price, as well as the 3G and Wifi models both being available in Canada and other parts of the world the sales figures should surely start to jump way higher than current analysts reported. I think it is safe to say this is just the beginning for powerhouse phones and tablets for Android, give it a little time and things will be like a Ricky Martin concert soon. People screaming everywhere.

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