Behold the newest member of the Verizon / Motorola family’s ad set, one we’re calling “Laptop Cracker” because of the striking action taken by the man in the video 3 seconds in. He’s got what appears to be a 13-inch nondescript notebook which once he opens, he cracks directly in half, pushing the top back to the underside of the base. Once the top is pulled up and underneath the base, the laptop is cracked in half once again, the man turning up and toward the camera, now showing it to be a brand new Motorola XOOM.

After the XOOM is displayed to the camera, the man goes through the moves that show the magic that goes on inside the tablet, moving back and forth speedily, Google Maps, video chat, excellent video playback, and the like. It’s all over though after the first few seconds. We’ve got the idea in our heads, and this XOOM is a laptop without all that silly extra hardware. Motorola, you are so smart. Brand power forever. Have a look at the ad spot here:


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