With all the news about Motorola expanding their Android team to work on their first Android-powered handset, it comes as no surprise that they will add a different twist this time. Several of their new phones, including the Krave, have had other than normal characteristics in terms of your average run of the mill phone.

A job advertisement put out by Motorola for the Interaction Design team position has surfaced. It hints that Motorola’s new 350-member Android development team will be working on a social networking based phone as their first Android-powered device. Those who have seen the description state that it has a slide out keyboard, is as large as the iPhone and in a touch screen device. They also state that it is basically a higher-end version of the G1, at a lower price

The ad reads: “As a Senior Staff Interaction Designer, you will be responsible for leading and actively participating in the concept, design, documentation and development of user interfaces for our mobile products including our new Android Social Networking SmartPhone. You’ll lead brainstorming and work sessions, usability and innovation reviews and other forums of design development. In addition to your primary responsibility in the delivery of great design, you will also be expected to mentor other designers, bringing your personal strengths to the rest of the team.

With the growing popularity of social networking sites such as the ever so popular MySpace, FaceBook and Twitter, this phone would be an amazing breakthrough for Motorola. It is a no-brainer to create a social networking phone, they are designed to connect people around the world and this would take it one step further. Is this what you would like to see in the new Android?

Photo courtesy of Android Community member heyitsnan.

[Via androidguys]