Motorola has made a few changes to their Developer program as it relates to devices. Starting today, Developers can now get unlocked boot loaders without voiding the warranty on their Developer Edition devices. It might be the most significant, supportive change to policy we’ve ever seen for the Android platform.

When Developers request an unlock code for their Developer Edition Motorola device, the warranty will no longer be voided my Motorola. Additionally, Motorola will make available the factory images for devices, so Developers can return to square one if they screw up at any point. This frees Developers up to make changes and try new things without fear of being stranded with a useless device.

Additionally, Motorola will reinstate all warranties form 2012 and 2013 Developer edition devices. That warranty will be good from the original date or purchase, and includes the Moto X (GSM and Verizon variants) as well as the DROID Maxx Developer edition. Essentially, that’s the entire lineup for Motorola as it currently stands.

It’s good to see a resurgent Motorola do more than simply make really good devices. We didn’t expect much from them to start, but a solid Moto X and mid-range powerhouse Moto G were enough. Motomaker was an excellent touch, as were some of the contextual touches to the Moto X. Now that they’re supporting the Developers, we can expect a whole lot more great stuff for the new Motorola. Without fear of rendering a device useless, Developers will support Motorola as much as they’re being supported now, and that’s a good thing.