Recent usage statistics, provided to us by Chitika, show some interesting numbers regarding Motorola devices. In gauging the web use metrics for Motorola smartphones, we see that the much hyped and discussed Moto X is not the most used Moto. The follow-up Moto G barely registers, but the Droid? The Droid is strong with this study.

The Moto G makes up 5.6% of Motorola devices, according to the study. It’s only ahead of four devices — the Droid 3, Droid 4, Photon, and Moto G. According to the study, people are actually still using the Atrix more than the Moto X. That’s a really small market share for a device that is both widely loved, and roundly discussed.

The Droid lineup in general is strongest, with the Droid Razr commanding 53.1% of Motorola usage. When combining all Droid devices, the Verizon-only lineup comprises 77.2% of usage for Motorola. That should be tempered by remembering that Motorola was treading water for quite some time, and the Droid devices were just about all they had going for them. Still, when considering the recent fervor over the Moto X, the use statistics are surprisingly low.

Motorola NA Usage

According to Chitika, Motorola is responsible for about 3.5% of North American smartphone web traffic. When figuring the Droid Razr into that equation, the device counts for about 1.9% of overall continental web usage. The Moto X? About 0.2% overall. The Moto G is only responsible for about 0.025% of North American web traffic.

Accordning to the study, “Chitika Insights analyzed tens of millions of Motorola smartphone- and tablet-based online ad impressions within the Chitika ad network. The data set analyzed consisted of impressions catalogued from January 17 through 23, 2014.” The study is both current and robust, so we’re not going to second-guess the data collection. There can be many different assumptions and conclusions made either way, but one thing is certain: Regardless of use statistics found in this study, Motorola is on the right trajectory. Neither the Moto X or Moto G have been out very long, and are the first real options outside of the Droid lineup we’ve had for Motorola for some time. Lenovo picking them up will only help, so we’re still looking for great things to come from Motorola.