The Moto X4 is Motorola’s new midrange offering, set to arrive to market by end of this month. Now ahead of its launch, the company has uploaded its own camera tuner app for the Moto X4, which could be a big hint that the phone will be available in the market soon.

A bit of talk about companies uploading proprietary apps to the Play Store. Some manufacturers have found this strategy more helpful, as they can update their apps through the Play Store at a much faster rate rather than waiting for a full OTA update for the phone and bundling the updates there.

In Motorola’s case, they been there and done that (put up the camera app on the Play Store), and now they’re sticking to putting up camera tuner apps for specific phones on the Play Store. There’s one for the Moto G Play, the Moto G4, and the Moto G5S. Now there’s one for the Moto X4 as well.

Motorola’s camera tuner apps are used to improve the color, contrast, picture noise, video noise, and sharpness all from this one tuner application. It’s pre-installed in the phone and updated through the Play Store.