Motorola is updating a few things today, with both the Assist app and their Active Display seeing tweaks. Both are features we use pretty regularly on our Moto devices, with Active Display being one of the most unique twists we’ve seen in a long time. Updating both brings needed tweaks, but nothing much in the way of “new” features.

 Motorola’s popular Assist app brings in some features we’ve been wanting to see them fix. The Drive mode within the app has a Bluetooth patch, and Assist understands your meetings a bit better now. If you’re in a meeting where you are listed as “available”, Assist will no longer go into Meeting mode, which is a temporary “do not disturb” feature. That’s great for those of us who schedule get-togethers with friends and family in a calendar, but don’t mind being bugged here and there throughout.

The Drive mode is seeing a Bluetooth fix, which is something that has been dogging the app for a while. Audio issues when connected to a Bluetooth device have been petty rampant, and for those who want to use a headset while driving, it made the app nearly useless in those scenarios. We’ve yet to try it out since the update, but it’s something we’ve wanted fixed for some time now.

Active Notifications now respect your vibration settings, which is nice for anyone who just wants to get a buzz on instead of hearing the device. Both are nice little tweaks, and make each service that much better. If you have a Moto X, G, or DROID — these should be hitting you soon.