Each time Motorola updates their Android upgrade timeline, it manages to make headlines. Not surprising, considering that every time it happens, something interesting changes. This time around, though, it takes the cake. Just weeks after we reported that Motorola was still wondering whether or not they’d even take time out of their day to upgrade the Motorola Milestone to Android 2.2, they’ve now decided to go ahead and do it.

The timeline shows that the Motorola Milestone, the European version of the original Motorola Droid, will indeed be getting updated to Android 2.2 with a staggered roll-out beginning in the fourth quarter of this year. We already know that Gingerbread is set to be debuted somewhere along that same time, too, so hopefully all the Milestone owners out there aren’t upset about the update timeline. At least it’s coming, right?

As for the Droid X? That’s still listed as “late Summer.” And since the end of August is just about on us, and there’s no update coming tomorrow (we don’t think), it’s looking like those first weeks in September might just be the magic days. Let’s hope Motorola and Verizon can roll it out without any complications. Oh, and the Devour? You don’t even get Android 2.1 — sorry.

[via Motorola]