Last year Motorola took the stage to announce the “New Motorola” with Google in charge and a brand new CEO. They also detailed a trade up program allowing buyers to send in their aging DROID or Motorola smartphone for a shiny new one. Well, that same deal is back and ready as ever for you to get their latest creations. Those being one of the 3 new Verizon DROIDs, or the Moto X.

If you’ve been eying that impressive Moto X, or one of the new Verizon options like the DROID Ultra we just got our hands on, Motorola has a way to save you some cash. Motorola calls it a “trade up” plan, since you’re trading up to something newer, better, and probably bigger.

The Motorola trade up website (linked to below) has all of the details, but essentially you give them your old and aging device, and they’ll credit you $100 to get a new one. Even if that old phone isn’t worth $100 to begin with. Most older phones are listed, but surprisingly the Bionic isn’t one of them. Since many would probably take that option and get a new DROID ULTRA MAXX. Here’s the full list:

– Droid 3
– Droid X2
– Admiral
– Atrix 2
– Atrig 4G
– Cliq 2
– Defy XT
– Electrify
– Milestone 3
– Milestone X2
– Photon 4G
– Titanium
– Triumph

It’s pretty simply and they’ll have you take your old Motorola phone (even if it’s from a different carrier) to the Verizon store nearest you when you buy that new DROID. Simple trade it in and they’ll give you $100 Verizon credit. It appears the same option works for AT&T, as well as online at with the new Moto X. Well, once it becomes available at least.

Not a bad gig, if you have an old DROID X2 now would be a good time to cash it in for something better.

SOURCE: Motorola VIA: TalkAndroid