For a few months last year, there was a lot of confusion as to what direction Motorola was going to take, in terms of its name and branding and even their products. They were having an identity crisis of sorts as they had to decided whether to keep the name Motorola, use the branding Moto by Lenovo or how both the Motorola and parent company Lenovo brands would work together. But the arrival and supposed success of the Moto X plus a new leadership team seems to have solved that conondrum.

They will be leveraging on the Motorola name once again and they have even brought back the iconic “bat wing” which was very much closely identified with the brand. And helping lead the way in this old/new direction is the Moto Z and its modular style. According to Motorola Chairman and President Aymar de Lencquesaing, every other person who bought the phone actually bought a Moto Mod as well. This is actually opposite of what LG experience with its LG G5 which also had a modular system but did not really click with their customers.

But since Moto Mods were apparently in demand, they introduced more mods at the Mobile World Congress, including an extended battery power pack (with wireless charging) and a gamepad for those who love to play games on their mobile device. Amazon is also reportedly developing a mod that will bring its digital voice assistant Alexa to the Moto Z. de Lencquesaing also said that in the US, they will be expanding aside from just being available on Verizon.

But using the brand name of Motorola will not happen in all regions, since in some areas like Russia, Lenovo is the stronger name. But in a place like Lenovo’s home base China where it has already made a name for itself and even a sub-brand like Zuk, maybe it’s time to reintroduce Motorola in the market and regain their place as one of the top 5 smartphone makers.



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