Is Motorola launching an Android One device? Looks like it is as Stephen Hall and Evan Blass are sharing notes on a Moto phone that will be known as the first Android One in the United States. The low budget Android line by the tech giant has been around since 2014 but it’s not really successful even when already sold in most emerging markets. We didn’t really think Android One would reach the country because the market is already saturated with budget Android smartphones that there is no need for the Android One.

Android One boasts of having a stock Android for the mid-range phones. The first one we remember was the Xiaomi Mi A1. Motorola hasn’t entered the game yet but it is expected to release a Moto Android One specifically the Moto X4 since it is the most basic Moto phone today running the most basic Android.

By basic Android, we mean less bloatware, no heavy skin prepared by the OEM, and regular updates as made available by the Android team. There will still be the Moto X4 but this Moto X4 Android One is expected to be the less complex version.

Another interesting possibility is that the Moto X4 Android One has dual cameras already. Let’s wait and see for any related announcement from Motorola, Lenovo, or the Android team.

VIA: Evan Blass, Stephen Hall


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