Software testing on Android devices is common practice these days. Motorola is amongst the names that standout due to the soak tests we often hear about. They recently rolled through some of these getting the Moto X running the latest and greatest. Sometimes the soak tests run over a week, and sometimes they go a bit longer.

But now there is talk of something new coming from Motorola, a longer software testing program. Details here are being shared by the folks at Android Police, who have received word from an anonymous source. According to details provided, said source has been invited to participate in something called the “MFN Test Drive program.”

Specifically in this case it is to test a build of Android 4.4.2 for the DROID RAZR M. More general though, it looks like Motorola is going to be using this Test Drive program in an effort to “get end-user input earlier in the development process.” Sort of a longer testing period to help squash all the issues before they reach general release.

The details of what we are seeing all come by way of a private forum posting that was provided by the source. This will not directly affect the vast majority of Motorola users, however some details here include how these tests will be “a lot longer than usual.” They may also include multiple versions, and those in the program are expected to participate.

Bottom line here, it seems Motorola is beginning a new test program and that ideally should mean fewer bugs and issues when software updates arrive for all regular users. In addition, because this is arriving as another program, this also means another opportunity for leaks to happen.