Microsoft had a claim in German courts that Google-owned Motorola infringed on its patents, but German counts ruled its claim invalid. Microsoft claimed that the way Motorola’s devices used radio and apps infringed on its IP. Specifically, Microsoft was claiming that the way Motorola’s Android devices accessed contacts and other elements was a direct infringement on their patent.

The lower regional court of Mannheim ruled in favor of Motorola and decided not to go forward with banning its devices or forcing Motorola to pay Microsoft licensing fees. Many other Android OEMs have been forced to go into licensing agreements with Microsoft, but Motorola is not giving in so easily. Motorola and Google, who have yet to comment on the ruling, are one of the few who continue to fight Microsoft.

Microsoft intends to make this an uphill battle for Motorola. According to David Howard, associate general counsel at Microsoft, “This decision does not impact multiple injunctions Microsoft has already been awarded and has enforced against Motorola products in Germany.” Microsoft has already won some legal battles against Android, and if this quote is accurate, this ruling has no effect on those previous rulings.

“It remains that Motorola is broadly infringing Microsoft’s intellectual property,” Howard says, “and we hope it will join the vast majority of Android device makers by licensing Microsoft’s patents.” It appears as though Microsoft is not going to let this defeat stop their attempts to collect licensing fees Motorola, and we can only assume they will keep coming for more.

[via SlashGear]