Looks like Motorola is cooking up a treat and has enlisted the help of animation studio Pixar to bring in a new augmented reality experience exclusively to users of its impressive Moto X smartphone.

Augmented reality has somewhat been a holy grail of mobile information and interactivity, ranging from simply map overlays in apps like Layar to one-time marketing and sales gimmicks to full-fledged alternate reality games like Ingress. Most of these, however, involved showing static displays, images, or overlays. Motorola, however, seems to have planned something new, creative, and ambitious, but it will need some help from the people who know those words best.

Academy Award-winning director Jan Pinkava created an animated short entitled “Windy Day” which was used at Qualcomm’s Uplinq conference to demonstrate Pixar’s real-time animation process. Motorola and Pixar have now teamed up to bring Pinkava’s masterpiece into the hands of Moto X users, with an augmented reality bent. Not much is known yet about this collaboration, but the video below created by Motorola shows people using the Moto X and spinning around or looking in all directions with the smartphone as if following something flying about in the real world.

The video ends with a very short glimpse of what looks to be an app or game running on the Moto X. No further details are available, but this new app or game is said to be launching in a few weeks’ time.

VIA: Android Central