Apple has been getting a lot of backlash for its new native Maps app in iOS 6, which released earlier in the week. Many phone manufacturers have been taking advantage of the moment, including Nokia. Now, Motorola has taken their turn to take a shot at Apple’s failure.

Motorola launched an ad on their Google+ page comparing the Maps app of iOS 6 with Motorola’s Droid Razr M running Google Maps. The tagline says, “The real world that’s fit for your hand,” which could mean they’re referring to Apple Maps’ messed-up Picaso-style 3D Flyover feature. Motorola prefaces the ad with a short quip:

“Looking for 315 E 15th in Manhattan? Google Maps on DROID RAZR M will get you there & not #iLost in Brooklyn.”

In the ad, the Razr M shows an overhead satellite view of the correct destination, while the iPhone 5 shows the incorrect destination. We’re not sure what significance 315 E. 15th Street holds for Motorola — there’s nothing too special at the address, nor at 315 Marlborough Road in Brooklyn, which is what shows up on the iPhone 5.

Motorola does sort of have a point, though. Apple screwed the pooch quite a bit with their new Maps app, and Google Maps is pretty awesome, so it’s not surprising Android phone manufacturers are savoring this moment and attacking the iPhone as much as possible. This is only the beginning, so we’re pretty excited to see what other phone manufacturers come up with.


  1. “Many Android manufacturers have been taking advantage of the moment,including Nokia”

    Nokia sells Windows Phones, no Android to date.

      • That’s a moot point, honestly. He says once “phone manufacturers” in the beginning of the comment and also says once “Android phone manufacturers” towards the end. Easily overlooked, but he does imply Nokia to be an Android phone manufacturer. Pascal has a point.

  2. I’ve had the iPhone 5 for a day, so far the navigation is very accurate and the interface is beautiful I can only say it in the area that I’ve gone to so far.

  3. First day using iPhone 5 Maps – comparing it to Google Maps on the same device (used simultaneously while driving) – they are pretty comparable. There WAS a typo however. The 3D-rendering is helpful. On the other hand, I still wish that Google Maps could put a real app on iPhone 5 (not just the web version). I think, possibly wherever Apple got their maps data from (i.e. TomTom) – is not a reliable source of data. I think they partnered with the wrong mapping company.

  4. ifans should be insulted. Apple is putting its feud with android ahead of its own customers by removing Google Maps and replacing it with Crapple’s own map. Looks like Apple doesn’t care about its customers at all.

  5. One day…wanna be journalists will write stories with non-misleading headlines. THERE IS NO MOTOROLA ANYMORE! Its either Motorola Solutions or its Google (formerly Motorola Mobility).

    You just cannot write Motorola anymore because that company does not exist, therefore your stories become fiction.


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