Motorola’s time at CTIA tonight was busy, as the company released a handful of devices, and as the Spice showcases, they’re not all meant for the United States. While the Spice is definitely the Motorola XT300 from a ways back, it’s now got an official name, and it just landed in the Brazilian market. Unfortunately, it’s not the fastest, or most “up to date” device on the market, especially considering it’s a brand new device. Though, that portrait slider may make it interesting enough to give a second look at.

Feature wise, the Spice doesn’t do much to stand out. It has a 528MHz processor under the hood, it’s running the full version of Motoblur, and it’s running Android 2.1. There’s the BACKTRACK trackpad on the back case of the device, as we’ve seen with other Motorola manufactured, Android-powered handsets in the past.

The camera on the back is a 3.2MP, and the display is a 3.2MP QVGA. The device is available in Brazil, so if you’re tempted to get your hands on it, and you’re in the region, go ahead and check it out.

[via Motorola]