It should probably be no surprise that Motorola will be holding a press event later this month at MWC 2014, but now we have an exact February 25th date as well as a location, which will be at Casa Llotja de Mar in Barcelona. The question now is what will Motorola be talking about.

The Mobile World Congress is, more often than not, used by manufacturers and companies to reveal new products or new business directions. The latter seems to be more applicable to Motorola, given events of last week. Suffice it to say, we most likely won’t be seeing any fancy new product this time around bearing the Motorola brand. Or at least there have been no leaks about that.

Google sold off Motorola to Lenovo for a total of $2.91 billion in both cash and Lenovo shares. In comparison, Google bought Motorola Mobility for $12.5 billion in what some think simply as the tech giant’s way of getting a hold of the device manufacturer’s patent portfolio. Despite Motorola garnering renewed popularity thanks to its Moto X, and recently the more affordable Moto G, that business hasn’t exactly been profitable for either Google or Motorola, according to some analysts. Lenovo, for its part, is quite interested in making strides in the global smartphone market and sees Motorola as pivotal to its success.


Despite official statements reassuring customers of status quo, people will still be wondering what this purchase will mean for the mobile device maker, something Motorola might clue us in at its press event. The company is promising to divulge more about the press event over the next few days, so this is something Motorola fans and believers might want to follow closely.



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