Remember Motorola’s smartwatch? It was big, bulky, and didn’t do much — like some we see lately. Though clunky, it had merit, and the resurgent Motorola has left some wondering when or if we’d see an updated version. According to Motorola, we will — this year. Maybe alongside the new Moto X.

 Via Twitter, Motorola says they will be releasing a smart watch this year. They also note theirs will address “consumer issues”. Those issues, as Motorola sees it, are style and battery life. We agree those are two areas we’d like addressed, but we have a wish list far beyond that.

If we can look to the Moto X for a hint of what we’ll be getting, then we’re happy. That device put other Android OEMs on notice, and the “less is more” approach is one we find useful. That device, which is both stylish and has good battery life, seems to be the direction Motorola is heading.

With a planned announcement later this year, we wonder if Motorola has the drop on that new Android wearable OS we’ve heard about. If anyone is good at taking advantage of Android in a very sublime way, it’s them. They could set an early bar for what can be accomplished with Android on a wearable.

Whatever Motorola brings to the table, we’re excited to see it. We expect an early Fall announcement, as that’s the timeframe for their Moto X rollout — another thing they hinted at via Twitter. According to Motorola, we’ll see the newest version of the Moto X in “late Summer”. Fitting, as it was about the same time last year we were introduced to the Moto X.