Working to entice more Android lovers into its ecosystem, Motorola has just released an update to some of its special apps. Motorola Migrate now works for Android to Android transfers while Touchless Control just gained a new trigger phrase for notifications.

The Motorola Migrate app tries to take away the pain and apprehension in when moving from one smartphone to another, preferably one of Motorola’s. Previously, however, the app only worked for transferring data from an iPhone, which, admittedly, is where most reluctant switchers would be coming from. This new version, however, now makes the process work for Android-to-Android migration as well. Users can even choose which content they wish to transfer or even move SIM contacts directly to a Google account. It also now fails gracefully when the Motorola smartphone can’t accommodate the old phone’s content because of limited free disk space.

Motorola Moto X owners will also be receiving an update to the smartphone’s hands-free features. Now users can get updated with the latest notifications, which are read aloud to them, just by saying “What’s Up” or “Read Notifications”. This new feature is fully available for US English, Spanish, and Italian languages. Other languages, however, are still in beta.

The updates are now up on Google Play Store and should be rolling out to users, especially with the Touchless Control app, which is only available for the Moto X and few other Motorola smartphones. Those using Motorola Migrate will need to have the same version of the app installed on both smartphones.

Download: Motorola Migrate and Touchless Control on Google Play Store