Before Motorola shows off new smartphones at the Mobile World Congress, expect more rumors and leaks to be published. We’ve heard a lot of information and seen a number of leaks already so we’re certain the MWC 2018 will be more fun with the brand’s participation. It’s one of the few OEMs we look forward to because the new phones always make an impression even if they’re only mid-range. There’s also the Modo Mod program that makes us want to try whatever new mod Motorola is offering.

Moto phones look stylish and hip enough for most people but if you still want to dress your unit, you can transform it according to your style by getting a Moto Style Shell. There are plenty of designs to choose from and with a starting price $19.99, we know you can choose one that will suit your style. Select from different designs, styles, and features of this Moto Mod.

The latest style includes a damage-resistant Corning Gorilla Glass cover that looks nicer in its sleek form. Here are some of the styles you can choose from:

Herringbone Nylon, Graphic Flowers Glass, Color Express Curves, and Colored Leaves Grass

Retro Stripe Glass, Overlapping Triangles Glass, Crimson Ballistic Nylon, and Silver Oak Wood

These Moto Style Shells are available for only $29.99 each. Buy directly from Motorola.

SOURCE: Motorola