While Motorola may not be perfect in terms of how fast they are able to roll-out an Android update, they have always been pretty good at providing status updates. The company has long had a support page on their site. More important, that page has seen frequent updates. The issue had always been in the discovery though — you see, the page generally consisted of one long list with lots of names and model numbers.

On that note, Motorola has recently introduced a new “Home For Upgrades” support page and has apparently ditched the long list. Basically, those visiting the page will now be guided through the process and be given the current update details in plain english. Visiting the page your first question is to where you purchased the device. This is looking for the carrier.

Using Verizon as an example, once you make your selection you then see a grid of smartphones including name and picture. At this point just click the handset you have and get the good, or in some cases bad news. For example, clicking on the Droid 4 will tell you that this device will be upgraded to Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. Click on the Droid 3 and you get some bad news — that handset is sticking with Gingerbread. This brings us to the next point, the trade-up program.

In this case you will see a red “Trade Up” button just below and when clicked it will give you information on the Motorola rebate program. In short, this program means you can trade-in your old device and get up to a $100 rebate towards the purchase of a newer Motorola device, presumably one that already running Jelly Bean. With that, those who happen to have a Motorola device can visit this new page by hitting the link just below.

[via Motorola]