If you own a Moto 360 2nd generation smartwatch, you might want to check your device or the app for a notification from Google because they are giving you a major Android Wear update. This includes support for additional languages, a doze mode and a screen dimming mode to help you conserve battery, easy access to app permissions, and new wrist gestures, which, if you actually get to memorize them, will come in handy someday.

Your smartwatch will now be able to support these languages: Mandarin (Taiwan), Cantonese (Hong Kong), Indonesian (Iandonesia), Polish (Poland), Dutch (Netherlands), Thai (Thailand). But just to remind you, when you pair your wearable to your phone, the language of the Moto 360 will then be synced to the language that your phone is using. Another new thing that you can now do is to control app permissions. Just swipe left, go to settings and then permissions, and then enable/disable permissions per app that you see there.

To help you conserve your smartwatch’s battery life when not in use, you now have a doze mode where your device goes to deep sleep when it recognizes that you’re not using it, shutting down unnecessary process. Screen dimming turns your smartwatch’s screen off or puts it in ambient mode if it’s using the Always-on screen. If you’re working out indoor, you can track it using Moto Body, and it includes time, pace, distance, and heart rate.

The Moto 360 2nd generation also now has new wrist gestures that you can use as shortcuts, if you can memorize it. One of those actions include holding your arm in front of you and then pushing down quickly then bringing your arm back up slowly in order to see more details or take action on a card. The actions are sometimes too complicated, but if you learn them, you probably will save a little bit of time when doing your tasks. The update will be rolled out in phases so just wait for your notification to arrive.

SOURCE: Motorola