Motorola has dropped the latest Moto X commercials. This time around we are seeing three advertisements and all are offering a unique take on the “lazy phone.” Motorola is touting how the Moto X is able to provide proactive updates, quick access to features and how the phone can be used without the need to pick it up or use your hands. Anyway, these videos are all about a minute in length and have arrived as the “Lazy Phone” series of advertisements.

First up today is the one dealing with proactive updates. Or in Motorola speak, the Active Display. Here Motorola uses the board room as a scenario for when this feature may be useful. Needless to say, we suspect many will likely imagine numerous other scenarios where this could be useful. That aside though, Active Display is basically how the Moto X provides important alerts without even fully waking the display. As seen in the video, the Moto X display will show the notification and a simple tap will provide more details.

Next up is the Quick Capture video, which is highlighting the camera. Here Motorola shows the convenience of being able to launch the camera app and take a picture with little effort. More to the point, Motorola highlights how you can launch the camera with a twist of your wrist and then capture an image by tapping anywhere on the screen. If nothing else, that certainly sounds quicker and easier than unlocking your phone, launching the camera and then tapping the shutter button to capture the image.

Last up today is how the Moto X can be useful even if your hands are otherwise in use. We will leave the details to those watching the video here, but suffice to say, there are likely plenty of times when your hands are better used for the task at hand — as opposed to touching your phone. Anyway, in this case Motorola shows how you can wake the Moto X and have it began playing a specific artist with nothing more than a few voice commands.

The videos are all here in the post and while entertaining in their own ways — they all circle back to how “it’s not your, it’s your lazy phone.”

SOURCE: Motorola



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