Motorola RAZR Android 10 OS update

Motorola may be owned by Lenovo but the brand can stand on its own. Its phones are even more popular compared to Lenovo smartphones. The Motorola group is still serious in the mobile business and its release of new-generation RAZR phone is proof. The foldable phone from the company directly rivals the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip for they both have the clamshell form factor. We don’t have the numbers right now but Motorola continues to promote the Razr foldable phone.

The new RAZR is different in many. It comes with a flexible display powered by new software. One highlight is the Quick View. It’s a display feature that offers new ways to interact with the device. It’s made even better with the release of Android 10 OS.

The Motorola RAZR is ready for Android 10. If you own the foldable smartphone, you may receive a notification the upgrade is available. As with most Android 10 updates, this one brings a more streamlined look. Quick View display is improved. Motorola worked on changes based on the feedback and suggestions of the consumers.

Some important features and changes include quick access to your favorite contacts on the Quick View display. A swipe to left will bring a list. There is also the Quick View keyboard and Smart Reply.

The Quick View camera is the selfie shooter. It lets you capture selfies even when the phone is closed. Added camera modes are as follows: Spot Color, Portrait Mode, and Group Selfie among others. More compatibility and functionality are delivered by Android 10 like fast access to music streaming apps from the Quick View display, turn-by-turn navigation with Google Maps, and new themes.

Android 10 for the Motorola RAZR has started to roll out in key markets. Wait for the update to arrive on your Razr unit. Local announcements may also be made.